The DOs And DON’Ts Of Choosing A Wedding Cake

Choosing a cake is an integral part of a wedding, so this should not be taken lightly. Making the wrong choices can lead to an outcome that is memorable for all of the wrong reasons. If you are unsure about how to proceed, here is a handy list of DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind along the way.

DO consider whether you are getting married indoors or outdoors, as well as the weather conditions. This is important since things like humidity and high heat indexes can ruin the integrity of the cake. For instance, buttercream is likely to melt when temperatures soar.

DON’T hesitate to schedule a tasting. Just because you heard that a particular baker is good at what they do, this does not mean that you will love everything they have to offer. The best way to determine which cake is the best for you would be to schedule a tasting. This is when you pay a fee and the couple is allowed to sample multiple cake options. In many cases, this fee is deducted from the final cost if you decide to contract with the bakery to make the cake for the wedding.

DO think about the preferences of your guests. This may sound like it isn’t necessary since you are the one getting married, but do you want to pay a great deal of money for a cake that no one likes? While you do not have to settle for mundane flavours in order to please the crowd, you should consider things like nut allergies. If you insist on choosing whatever you like, make sure that there is an alternative (like cupcakes), available for those that will not be able to partake.

DON’T forget to set your budget before you start looking, and try your best to be realistic. You cannot expect a baker to create a custom cake with numerous tiers and you only set aside enough money for a two-layer cake that is as basic as it comes. While you are not required to spend more than you can comfortably afford on a cake, you should consider the occasion and be willing to invest more than you typically would.

DO yourself a favour and get a professional. It may seem great to try making your cake or having someone you know bake one on your behalf, but this is not a good idea. You want everything to be perfect, so this should not be handled by anyone who does not have experience in this arena. Besides, if they make an error during the process, they can always scrap the cake and start anew. This is easier for a pro to do than someone who is working from a home kitchen.

The DOs And DON’Ts Of Selecting A Venue For Your Wedding

When you are getting married, it is easy to overlook certain things because you are excited and filled with stress. With that said, choosing a venue has to be a well thought out decision. If you want to make the right choice and you are unsure of how to do so, here is a helpful list of DOs and DON’Ts that will streamline the process.

DON’T assume a place is out of your price range based on looks alone. It is common for couples to look at pictures of wedding venues on the Web and make assumptions without knowing all of the facts. Just because the photos you see appear to be high-end and out of your league, that does not mean that this is necessarily the case. You should always verify rates before ruling out what may be a viable option.

DO keep in mind that every venue will have a different policy when it comes to deposits. Make sure that you are prepared to pay as much as 50% to reserve the space that you have chosen. This may seem like a bit of a stretch, but this is typically required to ensure that people will show up on the scheduled day instead of cancelling randomly and the venue owner loses money.

DON’T forget to think about those who may have issues getting around. If you are planning to invite guests who have disabilities, it is your responsibility to make sure they can get around with ease. This means that choosing a space that has an accessible entrance and/or elevators is essential.

DO everything possible to book your venue right away. Even if your wedding date seems far off, there is a chance that your preferred location is popular and needs to be reserved well in advance. As an aside, if you book a space now for a wedding that is happening in a year or two, you are likely to save money since you will be quoted a price based on today’s rates, instead of prices that may have been inflated over time.

DON’T look for a venue until you are sure of how many guests you plan to invite to the wedding. It is much easier to write a guest list and select a space accordingly than to do things the other way around. This is also an important step because every venue has capacity limits when it comes to the number of people that can be accommodated. Having a solid estimate ahead of time will ensure that you decide on a place that is able to fit everyone comfortably.

A wedding is an event that will be remembered long after the ceremony is held and the new couple starts their lives. For this reason, you should try your best to make sure that everything is perfect. Choosing the venue is something that deserves some care and consideration. Keeping all of these points in mind during the process will increase the likelihood of making the best choice.

Tips When Creating A Guest List

Wedding guest lists are one of the key points during planning. You need to make sure that you know the people to invite and how to seat them during the ceremony. This will prevent any confusion during the event.

You need to make sure that you do know how to place everyone at a place where they will be comfortable. You may not be able to know how to do all this if you have a large list which is why you should think about investing in a pro. They will get the list and ensure that they do a wonderful job.

It is important to ensure that the planner arranges the table seating when you are present because you know the members much better. You will be able to seat them in a way that will be comfortable. You do not want to seat family members that do not get along well together because this could be a recipe for disaster.

Your budget determines the size of the guest list, so you must ensure that you get guests that will fit the budget. Adding even as few as ten people will mean that the budget will increase. Be clear about the number of additional guests that a guest should come with. If it is plus one then it needs to be strictly plus one.

It is okay if you do not want children at the wedding, but you need to consider if the people you invite have them. If most of the guests have kids then you may not have a choice. Keep in mind that you should never feel guilty about having a list that is adults-only.

Do not let your parents or in-laws pressure you into inviting people that they do not know. This will end up being a disaster and arguments may ensue. Be firm but kind when rejecting people you feel do not need to be on the list.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Theme.

A wedding theme is vital since it is the foundation that every other aspect will be built on. This way, it is good to take your time and consider the options well before picking a wedding theme. It involves looking at a few factors and the mood you will want to create for your big day. Here are some tips for picking the perfect wedding theme;

Time of Year.

Always consider the time your wedding will take place. Will it be the summer or winter? Take an instance where you are holding the event during winter; you will automatically be forced to pick a theme that suits winter. A winter wedding can be a theme in itself. Summer weddings call for beachy themes with bright colors and garden settings.


Look at the venue and consider which colors will suit it. If the site is not well lit, you will want to select a theme that helps to brighten the place. A dull theme in such a setting will hide all the details. Use your venue as an inspiration for the theme. The site should complement the theme and always work to ensure they are in tandem.

Do Not Follow the Trends.

Every year, there is a new trend for weddings. It is easy to get swayed by these trends and go for themes that do not suit your moods, preferences, and other things. You do not have to follow the trends as your wedding theme should be unique. Find one that makes you and your partner happy.

Ask for Help.

You can go on the internet and get several ideas on how you would want your wedding to be. Too many ideas will overwhelm you, and it becomes hard even to pick a suitable theme. Do not struggle to pick one as a professional wedding planner can advise you on what is best. These experts have helped many couples and can listen to your ideas and then give you a preferred wedding theme based on what suits you.

Choosing a wedding theme is not easy, and you can even give up and let things be. This is not the right thing to do, and you do not have to settle for a theme that does not fit your preferences. It is better to take longer considering the options and have the wedding of your dreams. If you hurry, it is easy to make a mistake and have a wedding that won’t be very fulfilling to you.